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    Testosterone Booster


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    JackT™ is Ultimate Nutrition’s new cutting-edge Testosterone Booster with a performance blend of three clinically dosed ingredients. JackT is a scientifically researched trio of ingredients that will help take your testosterone to new heights. Our performance blend has a triad of ingredients that will elevate testosterone levels, increase lean muscle mass, and decrease estrogen. Our performance blend is centered around our key player, Eurycoma longifolia(Longjack), the active ingredient that has been clinically studied for its dramatic testosterone boosting qualities. Clinical trials have demonstrated that Longjack can improve testosterone levels by 37% in as little as 4 weeks and can also reduce cortisol by as much as 16%, leaving your muscles intact! In addition, Longjack has also been shown to reduce fatigue, improve well-being, and increase sex drive.1 This unique formulation utilizes the powerhouse adaptogen, Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera),an Ayurvedic botanical that fully optimizes natural processes within the body. Participants that were administered Ashwagandha showed significantly greater increases in testosterone levels (up 534% more testosterone compared to placebo), as well as significant increases in both muscle size and muscle strength in upper and lower body exercises. The study also demonstrated significant decreases in body-fat percentage and improvement in muscle recovery.2 The final component of JackT™ is a novel ingredient, DIM (3, 3’-Diindolylmethane), that targets “bad” estrogen metabolites associated with a decrease in testosterone. JackT™ can cut “bad” estrogen by as much as 45%. Clinical studies have shown the advantages of decreased estrogen levels associated with DIM supplementation. This decrease is accomplished by DIM’s interaction with estrogen precursors and prevention of the subsequent conversion to detrimental estrogen.3 JackT™‘s trifecta blend of ingredients provides an all-encompassing approach to testosterone support by tackling all three contributing factors: testosterone production, testosterone utilization, and estrogen reduction. The synergy between Longjack, Ashwagandha, and DIM provide a dynamic, comprehensive solution to reinforce your body’s natural production of testosterone to its optimal levels. Get JackT™ and get jacked!


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