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Ca D3 K2 90 caps

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    BioTechUSA Capsule containing Ca D3 K2 calcium, phosphorus D3 and vitamin K2.


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    Why do we recommend BioTechUSA Ca D3 K2 capsules?

    • Complex composition
    • With calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin D3 and vitamin K2
    • Economical packaging
    • Simple serving


    Ca D3 K2: in service of the bones and teeth!

    Keeping your bones healthy is an important part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It is extremely important for athletes to have a solid, sturdy base for the body, but ordinary people should also ensure a sufficient calcium and vitamin D intake to prevent the development of certain conditions.

    We all know that milk and dairy products are the richest sources of calcium, but it is not easy to cover your daily vitamin and mineral needs, especially if for some reason (e.g. you are suffering from lactose intolerance or milk protein allergy) you don’t/cannot consume milk-derived foods.

    During the development of Ca D3 K2 not only the quantity of the active ingredients, but also their complexity was taken into account. In addition to calcium and phosphorous that are mostly responsible for the maintenance of normal bones and teeth, we added to the product vitamin D, which is responsible for a better absorption and utilisation of these two minerals. For a full-ranging support vitamin K was also added to the product that also contributes to the maintenance of normal bones.

    Who do we recommend BioTechUSA Ca D3 K2 capsules for?

    • For those looking for a capsule product
    • For those who care about bone and tooth health

    What does Ca D3 K2 capsule contain?

    1 serving (3 capsules):

    • 908 mg calcium
    • 702 mg phosphorus
    • 6 µg (240 IU) vitamin D

    30 µg vitamin K


    Calcium is necessary for the maintenance of normal bones and teeth, therefore it is extremely important in their heath preservation.

    Besides the health of your bones and teeth calcium contributes to the cell division and specialisation processes, it takes part in the normal energy-yielding metabolic processes and normal neurotransmission, as well in the normal functioning of the muscles and digestive enzymes.


    Like calcium, phosphorus also takes part in the preservation of healthy bones and teeth, the normal energy-yielding metabolic processes and it also contributes to the proper functioning of cell membranes.

    Vitamin D

    Its primary role is the health preservation of bones, and similarly to calcium and phosphorus it also contributes to maintaining the health of bones, teeth and muscle functions as well as the normal functioning of the immune system.

    It is indirectly responsible for the health of bones since vitamin D contributes to the normal absorption/utilisation of calcium and phosphorus together with the maintenance of the normal calcium level in the blood.

    Vitamin K

    Besides the above mentioned components Vitamin K also contributes to maintaining a normal bone structure. Vitamin K also participates in the normal blood coagulation, therefore the product is not recommended for people who take coumarin anticoagulant

    Like all BioTechUSA products, Ca D3 K2 consists of safe and carefully selected ingredients.

    How to take BioTechUSA Ca D3 K2 capsules?

    Recommended use: Take 3×1 capsules daily with a large glass of water, between your different meals. Do not exceed recommended daily allowance.


    salts of calcium with orthophosphoric acid, anti-caking agent (magnesium salts of fatty acids), capsule shell [gelatin, polish (shellac), colorant (iron oxides and iron hydroxides), acidity regulator (ammonium hydroxide), acidity regulator (potassium hydroxide) ], menaquinone, colecalciferol.

    It was made in a plant producing milk, eggs, gluten, soy, crustaceans, sulfur dioxide and nuts.

    Active ingredients: daily dose: 3 capsules, number of doses per pack: 30

    3 capsules

    NRV* (3 capsules)


    908 mg



    702 mg


    Vitamin D

    6.0 μg (240 NE)


    Vitamin K

          30 μg


    * Daily intake reference value for adults. NE: International unit.

    It retains its quality (day / month / year): see the white box on the back of the package (LOT / EXP).

    STORAGE: Tightly closed in a cool, dry place.