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Zero Syrup 320 ml

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    Sugar* - and fat-free* syrup with sweeteners.

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    Why do we recommend the product BioTechUSA Zero Syrup?

    • Low-calorie
    • Sugar-free*
    • Lactose-free*
    • Gluten-free*
    • Fat-free*

    1Thanks to its low calorie feature, Zero Syrup can be incorporated into a variety of diets.

    *The statements refer to the product. The statement “gluten-free” only refers to the chocolate and strawberry flavored versions.

    Do you want to give some salty taste to your meals now? 

    Then you should choose Zero Sauces! Try the 8 different flavors for your favorite salad, steak, carbohydrate-reduced noodle, or baked sweet potato.

    Packaging: 320 ml

    Flavours:  chocolate, strawberry, maple syrup

    You can use BioTechUSA Zero Syrup?

    • on your pancake or waffle
    • on your ice cream or cake
    • to sweeten cereals or porridge 
    • on anything you like if you are looking for a tasty but sugar-free solution, but you want more than traditional syrups

    Zero Syrup, like any other BioTechUSA product, contains safe, carefully selected ingredients.

    Advice on use: Consume as required. Shake well before consumption!

    Storage: Store tightly closed in a cool, dry place. After opening, store refrigerated, but do not freeze.


    chocolate: water, sweeteners (erythritol, maltitols,sucralose), fat-reduced cocoa powder, bamboo fibre, stabiliser (xanthan gum), salt,flavourings, preservative (sodium benzoate), acid (lactic acid), colours (sulphite ammoniacaramel, ammonia caramel).

    strawberry: water, sweeteners (erythritol, maltitols, sucralose),bamboo fibre, stabiliser (xanthan gum), salt, dried strawberry powder (0.1%), flavourings,preservative (sodium benzoate), acid (citric acid), carrot extract, colour (carmines).

    maple syrup: water, sweeteners(erythritol, maltitols, sucralose), stabiliser (xanthan gum), flavourings (contain rye),acid (lactic acid), preservative (sodium benzoate), salt, colour (sulphite ammoniacaramel).